Märzen Style Lager

A traditional fragrant and full-bodied lager. A unique combination of specialty malts, including Vienna, Munich and Chocolate, produces this amber-colored brew with a rich, sweet, malty finish that makes it a perfect transition from light summer beers to hearty winter brews.

  • BU: 15.0
  • ABV: 5.5
  • Original Gravity: 13.6
  • Yeast: Lager
  • Bittering Hops: Galena
  • Aroma Hops: Hallertau
  • Malts: 2-row, black, crystal, Vienna, Munich & chocolate
  • Availability: Fall Seasonal: August - October

Oktoberfests (or "Märzen-style" ales), originating from Bavaria, are an ideal transition from light summer beers to hearty winter brews. Ours combines six specialty malts for a rich, sweet finish that's as beautiful as its copper color. Two hundred years ago, Munich held the first Oktoberfest. Nowadays, it's a 16-day extravaganza hosting six million people. And while the official Oktoberfest is still held in Germany, this great event is celebrated at festivals held around the world. The festivities may vary from location to location, but the heart of Oktoberfest remains the same. Dundee Oktoberfest is a celebration of this great tradition and a tribute to this beloved style.